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Discover the magic of winter on the Hawkesbury River with Bella Lacqua’s winter boat charters. As the weather cools and there are not as many people on the water, the Hawkesbury transforms into a quiet and picturesque haven, perfect for a memorable boating adventure.

Winter charters on the Hawkesbury offer a unique opportunity to experience the river’s natural beauty in a quieter, more intimate setting. The crisp, clear air and stunning vistas create an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re an avid nature lover or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, a winter boat charter on the Hawkesbury River provides an unmatched escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, winter charters allow you to enjoy the river’s many attractions without the usual summer crowds. This means more time to really enjoy the tranquil surroundings, explore secluded bays, and anchor at your favourite spots. The cooler temperatures also bring out the best in the region’s wildlife, offering incredible opportunities for bird watching, fishing, and spotting marine life in their natural habitat.

Bella Lacqua is fully equipped for winters on the water, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout the trip. Our boats feature heated cabins, cosy blankets, and hot beverages, making it easy to stay warm and relaxed as you explore the river. With these amenities, you can fully immerse yourself in the winter wonderland of the Hawkesbury without compromising on comfort.

Unmatched Charter Experiences ON THE HAWKESBURY RIVER

Day and Overnight Charter Options

Rates for luxury boat charters

Choosing Bella Lacqua for your winter boat charters on the Hawkesbury River not only promises an exclusive and intimate experience but also offers exceptional value. Our winter rates are specially designed to be cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of Bella Lacqua without the peak season prices. For those interested in shorter excursions or day trips, our winter pricing is as follows:

4 hours
bella lacqua

*Catering packages added

8 hours
bella lacqua

*Catering packages added

24 hours
bella lacqua

*Catering packages added

These rates make it more accessible for you to experience the tranquillity of the Hawkesbury River aboard a luxury yacht during the winter months. For more detailed pricing and to explore additional options that might suit your needs, please visit our Rates page. Whether you’re planning a special event, a corporate gathering, or a peaceful day out with family and friends, Bella Lacqua offers a tailored and memorable winter boating experience.

Please note: prices are subject to change depending on the season.

Hawkesbury River Winter Charter Rates

Experience and Expertise

Choosing a winter charter on the Hawkesbury River comes with its own unique set of advantages that make the experience truly special. While summer charters are popular for their warm weather and bustling activity, winter charters offer a serene and enchanting alternative. The cooler temperatures and quieter environment allow you to appreciate the river’s natural beauty in a more intimate setting. Here are three compelling reasons why a winter charter with Bella Lacqua is an excellent choice:

  1. Tranquil Beauty: Winter brings a special kind of beauty to the Hawkesbury River. The cooler temperatures result in misty mornings and clear, crisp days, offering stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. The river is less crowded, allowing for a more intimate and private experience. The winter light casts a unique glow on the water and the surrounding landscapes, making it a perfect time for photography enthusiasts to capture the serene beauty of the river. The stillness of winter also enhances the reflection of the sky and trees on the water, creating mesmerising mirror-like scenes.
  2. Abundant Wildlife: Winter is a great time to spot wildlife along the river. With fewer boats around, you might catch sight of seals, dolphins, and a variety of bird species. The calmer environment also provides better opportunities for fishing. The colder months see many bird species, such as pelicans and cormorants, flocking to the river, and you may even encounter some of the more elusive creatures like sea eagles and herons. Additionally, the quieter waters make it easier to observe fish and other aquatic life, adding an educational aspect to your winter charter experience.
    3. Cosy Comfort: Our boats are equipped with all the amenities to keep you warm and comfortable. Enjoy heated cabins, cosy blankets, and hot beverages as you cruise through the scenic waterways. Bella Lacqua ensures that every aspect of your winter charter is designed for comfort, from insulated interiors to onboard heating systems. Snuggle up with a warm drink while taking in the stunning winter scenery, or enjoy a hearty meal prepared in our fully equipped kitchens. With these thoughtful touches, you can fully relax and enjoy your winter adventure on the Hawkesbury River.
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How to Book Your HAWKESBURY RIVER Yacht Charter

Booking your luxury charter on the 77ft Warren is a seamless process designed to cater to your unique needs. To begin, simply contact our dedicated booking team, either by phone or email. We are available to guide you through each step, ensuring that your charter experience is tailored to your preferences.

Tailored Experiences:

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke charter experiences. Whether it’s customising the itinerary, selecting specific amenities, or arranging special events on board, our team is committed to personalising your journey. Share your vision with us, and we will craft an exclusive charter that perfectly aligns with your desires.

Contact Us for a Luxurious Escape

Ready to experience the pinnacle of luxury boating on the Hawkesbury River? Contact us today to book your charter or to learn more about the exquisite 77ft Warren. Our team is eager to assist you in designing a bespoke luxury sailing experience that will surpass your expectations. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this exclusive maritime adventure – reach out now to secure your reservation.

Embark on a journey of luxury and elegance with a charter that’s crafted just for you. Book your escape on the 77ft Warren today and sail into a world of unmatched sophistication and comfort.

Top Destinations on the Hawkesbury River

We have highlighted five exceptional spots that showcase the best of what the Hawkesbury River has to offer. Keep in mind, these are just a few of the fantastic bays to visit in winter on the Hawkesbury River.

Smiths Creek

Nestled in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Smiths Creek is a secluded bay known for its calm waters and pristine surroundings. It's a perfect spot for anchoring and enjoying the serene beauty of the Australian bush.

Jerusalem Bay

This picturesque bay is renowned for its stunning rock formations and clear waters. It’s a favourite among nature lovers and is ideal for a peaceful swim or a leisurely picnic on the shore.

America Bay

America Bay offers breathtaking views and a peaceful retreat away from the more frequented spots on the river. The bay is surrounded by lush bushland and features a beautiful waterfall that adds to its charm.

Refuge Bay

As its name suggests, Refuge Bay is a haven of tranquillity. It’s well-protected from winds and offers calm waters perfect for swimming and relaxing. The bay also has a picturesque beach that’s perfect for a quiet stroll.

Cowans Creek

Located within the bounds of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Cowans Creek is an idyllic spot for fishing and kayaking. The natural beauty and quiet ambiance make it a perfect escape all year round.

Dangar Island

This small, car-free island is a gem in the Hawkesbury River. It boasts beautiful walking trails, a historic bowling club, and a welcoming local community. Dangar Island is perfect for a leisurely day trip, offering a blend of natural beauty and quaint charm.

Cottage Point

Cottage Point offers a picturesque setting overlooking the beautiful Cowan River and the untouched Kuring-gai Chase National Park.


The historic town of Brooklyn is a gateway to the Hawkesbury River. It offers a variety of attractions including seafood restaurants, antique shops, and scenic walks. Brooklyn is an excellent starting point or a delightful stopover on your river journey.

Berowra Waters

A hidden gem, Berowra Waters is surrounded by national parkland and offers excellent opportunities for kayaking, fishing, and dining at the iconic Berowra Waters Inn.

Plan Your Winter Charter on the Hawkesbury River Today

Experience the unique beauty of the Hawkesbury River in winter with Bella Lacqua. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, a wildlife adventure, or a cosy evening on the water, our winter charters provide the perfect escape. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your charter experience is seamless and unforgettable. From the moment you step aboard, you’ll be surrounded by the comfort and luxury that Bella Lacqua is known for. We offer personalised itineraries tailored to your interests, whether you want to explore secluded bays, enjoy gourmet meals on deck, or simply relax and take in the serene winter landscapes. Book your winter charter today and embark on a journey that promises tranquillity, natural beauty, and exceptional service.

For more information and to book your winter charter, visit our main page on Hawkesbury River Charters  and explore our top winter bays in the Hawkesbury River.

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